Numatic RSB140/1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Aircrafts x 1

Cordless Cleaner


Motor: 250w

Airflow: 20 l/sec

Suction: 1000mm

Capacity: 6l

Weight: 7.3kg

Dimensions: 250 x 360 x 550mm

Power 36v lithium polymer

Run time: 30 mins

Charge time : 3.5hrs


Product Description

Across the globe applications of the Numatic RucSac vacuum continue to grow year on year.

The tremendous advantage of a Cordless RucSac cleaner will be more than obvious, NO CABLE, allowing it to be used in numerous difficult situations with exceptional results, climbing ladders, stairways, congested areas, busy pedestrian zones, cleaning aircraft, busses, even cinemas.

An integrated hand control module is incorporated to allow both instant on/off operation to save maximum power whilst incorporating a battery condition module to allow you to monitor battery reserve as you work.

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