Cushion Link Solid Top Nitrile Rubber FR Abrasive Coating Mat x 1

Solid Top Mat FR


Overall height 19mm.

Cushion link solid top nitrile rubber FR abrasive coating mat.

91cmx91cm x 1

Product Description

100% Nitrile rubber compound, oil proof and fire retardent, suitable for welding areas.

Abrasive coating for extremely slippery areas (slip resistant RB according to DIN51130)

The ultimate for ergonomic comfort and safety in heavy duty dry industrial applications.

Mats can be interlocked and edged using the simple bevel system to create any mat size and shape.

Anti-slip pebble texture surface with unique underside design provides superb anti-fatigue properties.

Compatible with cushion ease open top system.

Manufactured from high quality resilient rubber compounds, resistant to extreme temperatures and most chemicals.



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